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building bulb bull bull calf bumble bee bunk bed burning brush burning off a field burro bush cherries but as in textures in shot itself. butchering buttsville buzzards bw c130 cabinet cage cake calf calf bones calf eating calf eye calf head calfs calico calico cat calico cats calico kitten calico kittens calico kitty calves camera flare can canada canada geese candle light etc canning canning deer meat caoico kitten car careful goats carpenters wheel lazy susans carpet roof carrot carrots carrotts cart castiron skillet castrating cat cat and chicken cat got your tongue cat in the mirror catfood cats cattails cattle cattle panel cedar cedar tree cedarchest cemetery chains chair maker chalmers checker board checker boards checker box checker boxes checker table checker tables checkups cheese cherries cherry cherry tree chess board chess boards chess boxes chess table chess tables chessboard chessboards chessbox chest chevy chick chickadees chicken chicken cage chicken coop chickens chickn chicks chicory chillicothe chilly chimney chimney top christmas cicadas circle clara tucker classic still life clearing cattails clearing fence lines cleats clitherall close up closeup closeup week cloud clouds coat cockleburs cold collaboration color colors colors. colours colvert computer conception concrete confortable contentment contrast contrast bw copper corn corn bin corn crib corn crib sections corner corner pond country roads couple cousins daughters wedding cow cowpie cows coyote crack crackers cracks cranberries creative colour creek creepers crested ducks cribbage cribbage board cripple crippled calf crocuses crop spraying cross fence crowing crystal rainbows cucumbers cucumbers and muskmelons cucumbers melons cutting cutting a tree cutting firewood cutting trees cutting wood cycling or driving dachshund daisy dandy lion dandy lion sun rise day lilies days dead dead elm deb deb and galens place deb galen's place deb galen's place in neb deb galens deb galens new place deb's house deb's tree debs debs place debs tree decayed decaying decoration day deep snow deer deer meat delicious depth of field dew diamonds dimwit dining room dip eat diptych diptych cillabration diptych with another member do dof dog dog bone dog door dog house dogs dolly dolly llama dolly llama because everyong should have one dolly llama outline dolly llama' big john domestic animals don't fence me in donama donkey donkey braying donkey cart donkey eye donkey hair donkey harness donkey poo donkey running donkey toy donkey wallow donkeys donkeys bray donkeys eye door doors dove doves dowel down the road dress driving driving a donkey cart dry weather crack dry weather cracks duck duck doing the backstroke duck eggs ducks ducks fighting early earth east east pasture eclipse effects of rain egg egg laying eggs egret elastrator electric fence electricity elements elm elm tree emotion empty beet patch etsy etsy shoot evening explore eye eye lashes eyes eyes just open f20 face fall fall color fall colors fall foliage fami family family plots fangs far far away farm fast faucets feather feathers feb 6 feet feet warmer feminist feminist turkeys fence fence crossing fence lines festive season few fire fire wood firewood first fire first fire for 2012 first fire of the season first sonw fitting fixed flame flare flares flash photography flies flight floor flower flowers fly flying flying free fog fog off the river fog on the bottom foggy morning foliage food food or drink foot foot powered saws foot powered scroll saw foot powered table saw footpoweredtablesaw for barn fowl fox fox cemetery foxholes foxtail frame frames' freeway friends friends and family frog from a worms eye view from the sawmill frost frosty frozen tears full moon full pond future gaineas galen galen's galen's back galen's buggy galen's chicken house galen's shop galope games garden gargoyle gate gate hook geese geometry getting wide ginia gioat kids give me flowers glass goars goat goat and donkey goat bed goat drool goat hair goat herd goat kid goat kid jumping goat kid on donkey goat kid on goat goat kid playing goat kid sucking goat kidding weather goat kids goat kids born goat kids on donkey goat kids playing goat on donkey goat paths goat roper goat watching goat with kittens goat. goatd goats goats and kids goats fighting goats watching goats water goats with kitten goatscale going to market golden golden box goldfish goldstaraward good food good fox graduation grain elevator granddaughter grandkids granny smith apples grapearbor grapes grass grass food grasshoppers grave grave stone graves gray clouds great great egret great pyerenees great pyernes great pyreenes great pyrenees great sport greatpyreenes green green grass ground cracks ground deer ground fog grundy county guard guarddonkey guinea guinea eggs guinea feather guineas guineas chicks guineas feather guineas feathers h farmall hackberry around star hail hamberger hamburger hamburger because that is how he will end up hamburger calf 52 of 2012 technical hamburgers hamburgers eye hand hand pump handmade hands happy happy hiliday happy holidays harness hatching hawk hawthorn hay hay feeder hay field haying haying 2016 haying 2017 head stone headlights heat heating stove hedge hedge and cedar trees hedge apple hedge tree hen hen and baby ducks hen and chick hen and chicks hen on baby guineas hens hens chicks hens kitten hexigon boxes hickory hickory tree high key high wire historic history hoarfrost crystals hobble holding a billy goat holstein home home coming queen homemade shoes honey locust honny bee hook' hooks horns hors d'oeuvres horse and wagon horse team horses hose hospital bed hot hot frame hot frame with snow hot water bottle house how to how to do how to make how to tear up a trash truck or a dumpster hummingbirds hurry i i spy with my little eye ... something begining with ... l i spy with my little eye something that begins with m i wish i'm sure ice ice storm ice storm damage icicle icicles idiom if i only had time ih 46 baler image based on a song or book title image based on song or book title in motion inlaid table inlaid tables inlay inspired inspired by book or movie interesting reads interpretation of a cd or album cover interpretation of an album cover interpretation of an album cover. irises is jagged jellybeans jellyfish clouds jersey jersey calf jersey cow jersey cows and calves jerseys jewelry box jewelry boxes jewelry cabinet jewelweed jig jump junk junk heap junk pile kahlrabi kahlrabi slaw kainsley kainsley realyn mccrary kali kali and nathan place kali nathan kali tucker kalinda's kathy kathy a great grandson kathy great grandson kathys kathys quilt for kali kid kid and chicken kid jumping on goat kid nursing kid on calf kid on donkey kid on the donkey kid playing kidding kids kids nursing kids on calf kids on donkey kids on hamburger kids playing kidsa kipti kiss kissing kissing tree kitten kitten and chickencats kitten on goat kitten with chicken kitten with goat kids kitten with goats kittenmagazine kittens kittens playing kittens with goat kitty'schoice kittyschoice knife knocking know kohlrabi ladder lady bugs lamb lambing lambs landmark landscape lane large tumbling block late fall late lilacs laundry lazy lazy susan lazy susan' lazy susan's lazy susans leak leaky leaning tree leap left hanging in the wind left over meatloaf less is more minimal leveled life lift light light and shade lighting lighting a florescent tube lighting in the clouds lightning lights lights city lights lilacs lilies lillies lilly pads lily limb down lime green and pink line lines little dog little kitten little rainbows llama llama in a mirror llams llkey lmaoanimalphotoaward load log logging logs lone star lone star quilt block lone star table long exposure long season beets looking northeast looking through a window looking to the future lookinh up trees love loveit low low key low light lpn lunch ly lyric macro macroclose up macros made mailbox mainly one color making making a box making a lazy susan making hay makingtable mangles mark mark virginia's wedding mark virginia's wedding. market day marks wood floor married 25 years matbe hot may 21 may apples mccrary me meat mechanical medium star tables memories mice mighty mouse milk milking mine minimal minimalist minneapolis moline rake minneapolis moline raketedder minnesota mirror miss kitty missouri missouri river missy misty misty morning mixture mo mo days mo usa mo. usa modena modern day living monochrome moomoo the monster moon moon set moonrise moonset more more confortable bed morning morning fog morning smoke morning sun mosaic mosaic eggs mosaics mosaics egg mosaics eggs mosaics wall mosaoc egg motion mouse mower lift. mowing mowing hay mrjackfrost mud multiflora roses mums muscovy muscovy duck muscovy ducks music music interpret a song music to my ears muskmelon muskmelons my my books my chair my day my home town my own favourite shot of 2012 not already submitted to this group my passion my wife naked ladies nathan nathans natural world nature natures silhouettes nebraska sunrise neighborhood nest nest boxes neutered new billy goat new billy goats new born goat kid new born kid new born kids new born kittens new born puppies new goat kids new grass new holland baler 268 new house new kid new kids new moon new snow newborn night night shot night sky no. 5 power mower none soggy north missouri northern water snake not layers and textures in the photoshop sense not very good sun flares note oak oak logs oak tree oaktable odd clouds odd tree oddities of nature off to the sale barn ol dan tucker old and new old boildings old buildings old crawler old hay old house old locker building old towm old tractor old tractors on her head oops opossum opossum pouch or figure of speech or machinery or machinery week 13 orchard orchard ladder oriole orisons grave ouch our home out on grass out on grass. overhanging snow owl owl food painted turtle pairs pale touchmenot pariscope party paste pasture path paths pattern pattern weights patterns peach blossoms peach tree peaches peachicks peacock peacock cage peacock chicks peacock feather peacock house peacock tail peacock wing peacocks peafowl peafowl cage peahen peahen and chicks pear pear tree pears peartree pedistal persimmons pest phone line out photoshopped pickup picture story pictures for anne.g pigeon pigeon eggs pigeon on peacock egg pigeons pile pillow pin pink pink dress pinning place planes plants playing playing. pleasure plowing poison ivy polar bear club pole barn pond pond overflow poo portrait people portraiture posts potatoes powered pretty box pretty boy pretty boy and the new kid. pretty dress pretty kitty pritty calico pritty calico kitty pritty caoico cat pritty kitty processed before after processed image after processed image before processed image. before and after prom prom dress prune cherry juice puff puffball puffy white clouds pullet egg pump pumping water pumpkins pup puppie puppies puppies dog dogs puppy pups purse pushing pyrenees quercus alba quilt quilt blocks quote rain rain bow rain spike rainbow rainbows rake rams ran rare ready to dish up realyn rear axle red red bud trees red clover red delicious apples. red tulip redclover reflecting reflecting pool reflection reflections reflexions relaxation repetition right angles ring box ringbox river river at spickard road road tub roads robin robin tucker roll cloud roll clouds rooster rooster and guineas roosters roosters fighting roosting rotor rouen ducks round royal palm turkey royal palm turkeys rubythroated hummingbirds rule of thirds running sad day saga salad salebarn salid salt same barber satellite dish satinwood satinwood box saw saw dust sawmill sawrig for h farmall tractor saws scale screen screen door se hay field done season seeing double seepage self self portrait sentenels sentinels setting setting chicken setting duck setting hen setting hen on turkey setting hens setting on eggs setting the beams settinghens sewing sewing cabinet sewing machine from china sewing room sewingbox shade shadow shadows shapes in nature shasta she shed sheel sheep sheep rams shelling corn shetland shetland sheep shiny shiny bowl shoes shop should be corn show shower shrew sickle bar mower side of a peacock silhouette sink sintinels skink skunk sky sleeping small dog smart pills smoke smugmug snake snapping turtle snow snow geese snowball snowflake soft soft shelled egg solar solar heater solar stock tank solar tub solar water tank solenoid solor stock tank sooc space ship spark sparkle sparkles sparrows spickard spider spider web spikes spooky sport spotted spotted touchmenot spraying spring spring storm spring storms springs springs to keep the chickens away st joe stairs staples star stripe startable stator steers step by step still life stock stock tank stock traileer stomping storm storm clouds storm front storque stove streat photo street lights street photography stright out of the camera strips stub stub and blackhead sugar pie pumpkins summer sun sun catcher sun flares sun rays sun rise sundown sunning sunny corner sunrays sunrise sunset sunset coloring sunset looking east sunshine supper surprise surprise lilies susan susans symbol for international harvester table table top tables tablesaw taco salad taking clear pictures tank tara team team of horses teathers teats technical technology tedder temperature testicles texture textures tezture than thankful the avenue the best of robin tucker the bridge the bridge deck the chicken whacker rope trigger the delicious and freedom apple trees the delicious apple tree the dolly llama the fuji apple tree the goat jumped over the moon the granny smith apple tree the hill the honey crisp apple tree the man the north bridge the road in the seasons the weldon river bridge theme theme bokeh theme bw theme green theme home theme music theme night theme pairs theme red theme season theme winter themes there they thigh things that go bump in the night things that look like a letter of the alphabet this is me this is me self portrait thorn thorn tree thorns threshing thunderhead thunderheads tilt shift effect time tin can tire chains to much snow to much water toes tom turkeys tomato tomato soap tomato soup tomatoes tongue tonight's moon toolbox toolproject top of the hill toronto touchmenot toy toy terrier toy terriers toy terries tractor tractor blade tractor buddy tractor part tradition trails transport trap treats from mfa tree tree hugger tree' trees trees trimed trenton mo court house trimed trimming trees trio quartet or quintet of objects or things not necessarily musicians trivets truck trying for sun flares tube tucker tulip tumbling block diamonds tumbling block lazy susan tumbling block pattern tumbling block pattern boxes tumbling block quilt pattern tumbling block quilt pattern table tumbling block table tumbling block tables tumor turkey turkey cage turkey hatched by hen turkey hen setting turkey setting turkey strutting turkeypeacock cage turkeys turnip turnip patch turnip soup turnips turtle tutorial tuxedo two ugly under her wing unlimited photos urban usa used va van vanishing point vee veolia vinegar water waiting people in queues walking empty streets wall walnut walnut stain walnut trees walnuts wanting warm warm feet wash area wash tub watch your toes water water hole water line water pan water pump water snake water snakes water tank watering swivel watering system watering system tower waterlillies watermelons watertank weather weddimng dress wedding wedding dress week 02 04 jan 2010 10 jan 2010 week 04 week 05 week 06 week 07 week 08 week 09 week 1 week 10 week 11 week 12 week 13 week 14 week 15 week 16 week 17 week 18 week 19 week 2 week 20 week 21 week 22 week 23 week 24 week 24macro week 24macroclose up week 25 week 26 week 27 week 28 week 29 week 3 week 30 week 31 week 32 week 33 week 34 week 35 week 36 week 37 week 38 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wishing with. without plugging it in wood wood box wood boxes wood cabinet wood cook stove wood egg wood eggs wood fire wood floor wood heating stove wood inlay wood inlay inlaid wood jewelry box wood lazy susan wood lazy susans wood mosaics wood pile wood quilt block wood quilt blocks wood shop wood smoke wood stove wood tabl e wood table wood tables wood working wooden egg wooden eggs woodmosaic woodmosaics woodpile woodworking words work working workshop worm's eye view yellow yellow flower yellow tulip yes yoke yokes young chickens young peacock young peacocks your environment
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