I am not a photographer, every once in a while I get lucky on some shots, at least I think I do. If you want to see real clear shots with great detail, you will have to go to some other sites, not mine. Sometimes I even remember to wipe the smudges off of my lens, sometimes you get to see the smudge along with what I took a picture of. Around our small farm is usually where I take my pictures. . I enjoy taking pictures of my goats and other animals I have, among other things, and I will continue to do so. To me each picture has a story and I will try to tell some of it. There may be more, that may come later to each picture.
Woodworking is what I did real well in, in school. I’ve worked with wood all my life, and over 30 years ago I started using small diamonds and triangles. Over 25 years ago I began doing it full time. You can see the link to my Etsy shop up at the top of this page.
It will take me a while to get my descriptions on each picture brought over with all of my pictures I am transferring to this site.
I hope you enjoy looking,
Robin Tucker

Recent Photos

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